Denmark: Two found guilty in Glasvej terrorism case

The two men found guilty of planning a terrorist attack by a jury earlier Tuesday have been sentenced to 12 and seven years in prison for their roles in the Glasvej case.

The ringleader, a Dane with Pakistani background, will serve a 12 year sentence. His accomplice, an Afghan, will serve seven years in prison before being deported.

The court found evidence that 22-year-old Hammad Khürshid had attended an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan. He was found guilty of bringing bomb manuals back to Denmark, where together with Abdoul Ghani Togi, he made a bomb from the same materials used in the London transport bombings.

The two were arrested last year, after the Danish intelligence agency (PET) had secretly filmed the men inside their apartment making the TATP bomb and reciting martyrdom verses.

Film footage from both suspects' mobile phones showed the aftermath of a test explosion of the bomb in an apartment stairwell.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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